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The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened? (2015)

The Final Trailer for “The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened?” has landed! Limited Theatrical Release on May 1st, and International Release July 9th on Streaming | DVD | Blu-ray | VOD.

Technical Producer Christopher Graybill, Music Frederick William Scoot, Edited by Jon Schnepp and Marie Jamora, Executive Produced by Rob Pierce, Produced by Jon Schnepp and Holly Payne, Written and Directed by Jon Schnepp

Official Website:

Hot Comics Plopcast #24.3: Spider-Man Leaks, Jurassic World, Star Wars 7, More

Chris Pratt and raptorVarious topics discussed:
1) Jurassic World, Star Wars 7, & Terminator Trailer Reactions
2) Exodus Gods and Kings
3) Sony Spider-Man Leaks
4) Hot Comics Now: DC Comics!
5) Batgirl, Greyson,
6) Pax Americana,
7) Current Spider-Verse books, Spider-Woman #1,
8) She-Hulk
9) Fire and Stone Prometheus, Aliens, Predictor, Crossover
10) Updates and Appearances

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