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Peter Griffin Impersonator Does Stand-Up & KILLS IT!!!

At the 2014 Allentown Comic Con there was a cosplay contest judged by celebrity cosplayers Riki Lecotey a.k.a. “Riddle” and Nicole Marie Jean. To keep the crowd entertained while they deliberated, they asked a spot-on Peter Griffin cosplayer to take the mic and he completely KILLED it! Fox should hire this guy to go on tour or something.

Stan Lee Opts Out Of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Cameo

Canada’s Fan Expo just kicked off in Toronto, and Stan Lee was there on day one to address his fans in a packed hall. But Stan had double booked himself, and was also scheduled to shoot his cameo in X-Men Days of Future Past during that same weekend. But his Hollywood stardom hasn’t gone to his head you guys! Stan told his fans that being there at the panel was more important to him than his shooting schedule was, so he axed it to be with them. He said quote “But I said, ‘No, I’m going to visit my friends in Toronto instead.” And as much as Stan loves his cameos, they’re not always feasible for the busy 90 year old. If you remember, he also didn’t show face in this summer’s The Wolverine. Stan admitted that that was because the shooting locations for were in Australia, and that it was just too far for him to quote “swim.” But dont think that Stan is slowing down any time soon. The legendary comic creator said that he will be popping up in most of the other Marvel films, and get this…he accidentally let the cat out of the bag by announcing that he is currently working on a new elimination type reality show, in the vein of American Idol, where he will be searching for new comic book writers and artists. The show will eliminate contestants each week, but Stan says that he didn’t have the heart to be a judge because he didn’t have it in him to kick people off the show. So, is anyone really bummed that we wont be seeing Stan make an appearance in next July’s X-Men:Days of Future Past? And who likes the idea of Stan working on a comic book reality show? Lets chat all about it right here, and if you also happen to be on twitter, make sure you follow and tweet us over at ClevverMovies. Thank you all so much for tuning in. Im Erin White. See you soon. – – Visit our site!